It’s 2pm and you’re having a rather dull day, you find yourself saying, “I don’t feel good right now, I wish I could just text my therapist!” This feels relatable, doesn’t it? But, what if we told you your therapist is just a text away, now? Text Support or Text Therapy is a mental health service through which clients can text their therapist all through the day, whenever they feel the need. It’s both effective and convenient, especially for clients who are on-the-go or those who feel too daunted signing up for a real-time therapy session.

Benefits of Text Therapy

1) Disinhibition For all of you who feel overwhelmed about scheduling a session with a mental health professional, text support is a great option. Being a tool that helps you get through your mental health concerns in a less daunting manner, Text Support enables you to express yourself better as it spares you the pressure of physically speaking to a professional.

2) Allows you to ease into therapy You may think that you’ll never be able to get yourself to seek therapy in the conventional manner, but Text Support helps you understand more about the process of therapy. Once you understand how it works, you’d be more comfortable with scheduling a session with a professional and diving in to help yourself heal.

3) Better self-expression and awareness This one is about all the times someone’s told you to write down about all the things that bother you. As a part of Text Support, you would be typing out your feelings, emotions and thoughts. These will help you brush through those feelings again, giving you a clearer picture of everything that’s going on inside you. Apart from clarifying your own mental state, writing or typing out is a great way to become more aware of everything you’re experiencing. Once you’re clear and aware of your thoughts or feelings, it also improves your ability of self-reflection.

4) Increased Accessibility and Convenience Text Support is one of the most convenient and accessible ways of seeking professional help, on the go. It’s a super handy tool (pun intended) through which qualified therapists work with you to navigate through your everyday concerns. With Text Support, all the help you need is right in your hands now! Maximizing Text Support Effectiveness As we all know, text messages are the easiest ways of communication, but when you’re messaging your therapist, here are two things you can do to maximize effectiveness of your text therapy sessions: - Talk in full sentences, explain every single thing. Avoid skimming down words just because you think it’s looking lengthy. Your therapist needs a 360-degree insight into all the emotions, thoughts and feelings in your head and heart. - Communicate without any filters, your therapist is never going to judge you and will always give you unbiased responses. Also, always know that therapists maintain complete confidentiality about your sessions and other information, so drop the worry and start texting. The Mood Space Presents: Text Support! Keeping in mind our aim of making mental health care more accessible, we have launched ‘Text Support’ at The Mood Space. We believe that your mental health needs can’t be scheduled and our Text Therapy service enables you to seek help with just a message. It’s time you start giving your mental health the importance it deserves. For every unsettling feeling, thought or emotion, you’ve now got a therapist who is just a text away. We’ve also got a special Early Bird Offer running till April 30th, 2020 where you would only have to pay Rs. 750/- per week for the Text Therapy Session.

Here’s how Text Support works at The Mood Space: Step 1. 15 mins.Telephonic Consultation Step 2. Get assessed and matched with a therapist who suits your requirements. Step 3. You can send a Whatsapp Text to your therapist whenever you want. Step 4. Your therapist will reply to you 3-4 times per day, five days per week. You also avail the benefits of one real time text session for 30 minutes with your therapist Here’s a short snippet that will help you understand how Text Support works*: Anuj - Hi Amina, I have been feeling anxious for a while now. This has been affecting my work. Please help me. Amina - Hi Anuj, so glad you’ve reached out and are seeking help. Could you please tell me if you are aware about the reason for your anxiety? Is anything specifically bothering you? Anuj - Lately, I have been getting into a lot of arguments with my wife. It gets really heated and we say pretty hurtful things to each other. I am sweating and I can feel the increase in my heartbeat. I feel sick. Amina - Let's try to calm you down. I am sending you a link to some peaceful music. While listening to the music in complete silence, I want you to take deep breaths and notice the inward and outward movement of your stomach. Once you are done with this, let me know how you feel. Anuj - I feel a little relaxed and refreshed. Thank you. Amina - That's great to know. A lot of times, our reactions and overreactions have a much deeper route / personal history than what’s going on in the present moment. Ask yourself, how long have you been feeling this way? Is there something in particular or a common thread for your anger and frustration? Anuj - mhmm, may be. She makes me feel like I am not enough and that I always need to do better when it comes to work, life, relationships. It makes me so angry that she doesn’t trust me.

Amina - Seems like there’s a lot of burden you’re feeling. Feelings of unworthiness may creep in even in the smallest of conversations if not addressed. What would happen if you were to speak to her and tell her how you’re feeling? How do you think that conversation would go? Anuj - Umm..I think I should try talking to her, I feel she will understand where I’m coming from. Amina - Happy to hear that. It may not be easy for you to bring up your emotions / feelings, but letting your partner know how you’re feeling may be a good start! Book your Free Consultation with us by clicking here or write to us on info@themoodspace.com for details. Happy Healing! *Please understand that this is just an example of the Text Support process. Every client is different with different needs, hence, no two Text Sessions can be compared.

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