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"Naah bruh, I'm just too dead these days." is what you'd hear from every other young friend of yours.

When nothing excites you in life for no evident reason, even though there's sooo much unknown waiting for you ahead. That's what I call feeling flat. Obviously, you wouldn't go to a therapist because you don't consider it as an issue and instead, you see it as a way of life but naahhhh you don't have to live with that. So, moving on.

What do you think causes it? Well, as a teenager myself, I guess there are numerous factors behind this 'phenomenon' like the ones that follow:

(Will discuss the possible solutions as we go on)

1. Stressful lifestyle which includes LACK OF SLEEP:

Be it for work or study, one thing that's ultimately ignored in your routine is sleep. And in addition to that, your diet (including hydration) and lack of body movement ain't helping you either. (And in case you aren't being very productive, watching "What if you were invited to have tea with the queen?" on youtube at 12:37am isn't necessary yaar!)

2. When you're trying something new and it requires perseverance:

We live in the world of 5G now. So, you gotta agree that everything is expected to reach its final stage in a supersonic speed but guess what? Good things take time and you need to make sure you don't lose yourself in that journey. (It's gonna be fine, chill. :)

3. Social Media. Period.

Look, social Media isn't evil (otherwise you'd not find amazing stuff like The Mood Space ;)) but young minds are moulded and shaped by what they see and when they see something awesome (probaby unnecessary) that they don't possess, it is gonna disappoint. It's called your 'feed' and some people are called 'influencers' for a reason.

4. Your everyday thoughts:

I believe in the law of attraction. Every thought has energy and thus every thought contributes to your overall energy or 'vibe' and the energy you put out to the universe is what you'll eventually receive. According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. So can you imagine how effortlessly you're being bleh for no reason?

5. Hedonic adaptation:

We often chase things with the belief that it could keep us happy forever. For example, money, love, grades, internships etc. but our minds are built such that we get used to things once we achieve them.

And there are many more causes you could think of but I'd like to leave that to you.

Now "Yeah yeah, the causes are all fine but what to do about it??"...so lemme tell you what 'could' be done:

1. Renovate your lifestyle, bruh.

I mean when you know what's good and what's not and still continue to do what's not cool you're being stupid, okay. Just kidding, I understand it takes a lotttt of effort for a good and healthy lifestyle but c'mon I know you can do it! So, start with small habits, small changes everyday. Do whatever suites you the best, keep a journal, make yourself accountable to somebody else, keep daily/weekly/monthly goals, keep a reward system. Do whatever suites you because you are unique and you know what's best for you.

2. Express yourself

Express through words, poetry, songs, art, dance. Talk to someone about it. Talk to yourself. Learn what's happening inside your mind (Yes, introspection is the word XD) Express yourself, it'll help you find personalised solutions for your problem and be patient. Remember? Good things take time.

3. And ahh the Social media problem.

You've been given the choice to choose what you'll be viewing so why not make the best of it. Enrich your 'feed' as you enrich your diet with good stuff. Now it needn't be said what's good but just to make it clear follow content that teaches you to accept yourself, love yourself, not to compare, be more kind to yourself and others, take steps to improve yourself etc. (Also, wholesome memes work well too.) So be wise when you use social media platforms.

4. Become conscious

Awaken your conscience. Monitor your thought flow. Try to replace your negative thoughts with positive insights (And obviously you cannot be 100% positive so don't worry). Each emotion, each mood - try to understand it and improve it. Eventually, improve your energy and your vibe.

5. Savouring and gratitude

That's right. It's sounds philosophical but it is indeed very effective. Every experience must be savoured. Practice gratitude preferably first thing in the morning or the last thing before a good night sleep. Even a minimal pleasant experience could be amplified with appreciation. Again, it requires conscious effort but why not? Try to maintain a gratitude journal if that works for you, if not just think about all the good things in life after you wake up (could do it instead of looking at your phone) or before going to sleep, or record voice notes (it does feel nice to listen to yourself grateful and happy). Notice, observe and appreciate the tiniest good experience that happens during the day. Anything that works for you would be awesome.

Okay, so that's it for now. And c'mon do not take time for granted. Do not take good experiences for granted in the name of "I'm feeling empty." You can change all of it with baby steps. So yayyy!

-Janya Cariappa

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