Updated: Jun 20, 2021

How are you?

We often ask this question to people & so have we been asked the same question. None of us are probably always honest while answering. Because this forces us to really check in our souls -which often leads to admitting that we may not be always well as we want others to think. We are reluctant to confess our true feelings.

How about if we change our question to

“How is your soul doing?”

What are you doing for your soul today?

Far deeper a question. Isn’t it?

Secondly, before asking others, we should predominantly ask this question first to ourselves .

We never fail to forget checking the progress of all the external activities happening in lives like:

  • the fuel indicator of vehicle to ensure we get smoother ride/ drive.

  • our mobile battery percentage for continuous functioning of mobile phone

  • Our professional score/ ratings to check our performance level at our work place. / sales turnover in our business.

  • Our exam scores for our academic performance.

  • Taste food while cooking in kitchen to ensure it tastes appropriate for us and our family members

  • Notifications on social media in form of likes, comments, followers.

However how often do we check within ourselves ?

When was the last time we consciously check in with our inner selves?

Do we actually check in with our soul?

Perhaps not so very often or most of us, not at all..

The fact is that we get lost in the demands of busy life and rat race that we forget to check in our soul.

Why do we need to check in our soul ?

The ultimate goal of soul check is to check our happiness level and if we are aligned to our true selves. The idea is to achieve inner peace, joy and happiness and betterment of our mental wellbeing.

Few years ago while watching one of the international summit on television, I came to know that that Bhutan is the only nation that has an index to measure the happiness level and wellbeing of their population. This philosophy is called Gross National Happiness aka GNH. GNH is the development philosophy that guides the development efforts of Bhutan. Isn’t this a phenomenal concept.

Well, the least we can do is to make attempt to check the level of our own happiness on a personal level.

Happiness may essentially not have perfect definition as its subjective. But it can simply mean genuinely feeling good about ourselves and not just appearing happy. Happiness makes us become better version of ourselves. So, checking our soul can let us know our happiness level and contentment in life.

Sometimes when we are emotionally and socially low, not feeling inspired to do any task, experience negative thoughts, it is a clear indication of our soul becoming lifeless.

It’s important to check which of our engagements make our soul lifeless.

Lifeless soul can be by product of the following situation:

  • We are no longer our authentic self.

  • We feel lonely in the crowd.

  • We fake a smile and not feel the smile

  • We give but we don’t receive

  • We are forced to do or we choose to do things we dislike

  • We are surrounded by toxic and negative people.

  • We say YES even when we wish to say NO.

  • We overthink every small little thing

While there are different methods, approaches needed to tackle and deal each of the above-mentioned situations and must be dealt appropriately under guidance. But feeding our soul with positive energy is definitely in our hands and our responsibility.

What makes our soul shine and flourish ?

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you? - Rumi